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Chapter History

Below is our complete Chapter history tracing back our Big's and Little's lineages within Auburn BYX

BYX Lineage Tree Spring 23 -_edited.jpg

Who We Are

Auburn University, in the summer of 2008, was found by Clint Brown to be lacking in a fraternal brotherhood based upon Jesus Christ and his work in the lives of college-aged men. He contacted the national offices of Beta Upsilon Chi about starting a chapter and he began to recruit others to this purpose. In a short time, a group of fifteen men were meeting to fellowship, study Scripture, and spend time in corporate prayer. Throughout the fall of 2008, these men became the tenth group to go through the prospective chapter evaluation process, and so, as of October 30, 2008, Auburn University became the Omega Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi (Brothers Under Christ) Fraternity.

Who Are We
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